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Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet Services

Water jet or water cutting is a type of waterborne engine that is used to cut hard materials such as metals and stones, and even plastics, wood and sponge and so on.

Water jet never slows down, does not break, does not produce dust. Therefore, the risk of machining and paying on composite and polystyrene will be minimized!

In jet water, the water moves at a speed of about 850 to 950 meters, and as soon as the metal flows to the surface of the metal or is cut off, the material is cut off due to this force.

One of the biggest advantages of the water jet is that it inherently has a cold cutting effect, which does not cause heat, so water jet prevents damage that may be caused by heat. For this reason, in a cold cut using waterjet, Some materials produce toxic smoke due to heat can be cut in this way.

in Water jet can create sharp edges and hollowed holes in shapes with fine radius angles.

Using water jet can cut fabrics, non-woven materials, polymers, plastics and food products.

The water jet has the ability to cut materials at a range of 0.25 to 30 inches, notably that each inch is 2. 54 cm.  It can also cut this kind of cutting of hard materials in the range of 0.25 to 6.2 inches.

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