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Press Brake Machine

Press Brake Machine

Bending service

In a variety of sheet metal works, we find that there is a need for bending in order to provide the desired form, increase bending resistance, prevent damage to the hands, bonding, etc.

The machines and tools used for this purpose are varied and with each of these tools, certain bends can be created.

Bending of the metal causes tensile and pressure in the metal. The important point to be made in bending is that the properties of the material in the bending are very important.

In some cases, cold bending and, in some cases, bending are carried out at hot working temperatures.

Typically, bending operations are performed with a device called Press Brake. Therefore, the bending process in the industry is also known as PRESS BRAKE forming operation.

Press brakes are available in a wide variety of sizes.

The angle of bending is also determined by the depth of the applied force on the sheet.  This depth is precisely controlled to reach the desired angle.

This tool is chosen for bending according to product quality, sheet type, sheet quality and bending degree.

These tools are usually made of carbon steel.

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